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    Zvono Award 2023

    Zvono Award winner for 2023 is Bojan Stojčić, and other three finalists are Katarina Gotić, Farah Hasanbegović and Denis Haračić. The jury, consisting of curator Mladen Banjac (Banja Luka), artist Yvonne Petkus (Bowling Green, USA) and curator Claudia Zini (Trento, Sarajevo), made this decision on Friday, May 12, 2023, at a joint meeting at KRAK Center. The evaluation process and the jury's decisions were not at all easy because this year 36 applications were submitted to the open call. Due to the high-quality of the works, the jury was faced with dilemma in valorization, since they were required to reduce it to four artists -finalists. In the end, the jury supported its decision with the following statement:

    “Jurying the 2023 Zvono Award was a challenging task due to the high quality of work across the 35 applications. Ultimately, the finalists Bojan Stojčić, Katarina Gotić, Denis Haračić, and Farah Hasanbegović were selected based on the strength of their work, as well as the diversity of ideas and media they represented and also because of their potential to spark interesting artistic dialogue in the final exhibition. However, the work and experience of the award winner, Bojan Stojčić, stood out in particular. Over the course of more than a decade, Stojčić has demonstrated unwavering dedication to his practice, consistently producing work of exceptional quality and continually improving. His commitment and development across the works submitted for the award were truly outstanding. Stojčić's ability to use humor as a serious critique of society, and his skill at creating a variety of forms that are still connected, further set him apart from the other finalists. For these reasons, the jury panel is thrilled to recognize Stojčić with this honor.”  

    The KRAK center, as a platform for the affirmation of art and contemporary culture, is especially happy that this year, through the genre and media diversity of the four selected finalists and through their thematic interest, will have the opportunity to offer an exhibition which would guarantee quality representation of young artist in our country and abroad. The exhibition will be set up later this year, and it will be conceptualized and curated by Adna Muslija.


    Bojan Stojčić, Bujrum, Bujrum, Bujrum, Bujrum, 2022