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    Zvono Award 2022

    After announcing the Zvono competition, a total of 51 applications were received. On Saturday, May 14, a jury consisting of artists Molly Haslund (Copenhagen), Šejla Kamerić (Sarajevo), Ina Weise (Dresden) and KRAK’s project coordinator Majda Piralić (Bihać), who served as a moderator in this case, met at the premises of KRAK Center with the aim of evaluating the received applications. After a detailed analysis and several rounds of voting and deliberation, the jury agreed that the winner of the Zvono Award for 2022 is artist Alma Gačanin and the finalists are Irma Bajramović, Nikola Kekerović and Saša Tatić. On that occasion, focusing on the work of the awarded Alma Gačanin, the jury provided the explanation of their decision. 

    "A woman's liberation is the dominant theme in the works of Alma Gačanin. Focusing on drawing and watercolor, she creates a striking visual world full of irony. Her artistic practice is based on her personal experience of living in a dysfunctional, post-war, post-transitional society, marked by the rules of a late-capitalist, unstable and globalized world. Alma Gačanin's work directly addresses current issues of work, body portrayal and identity seen in the perspective of fiery and uncompromising feminism that permeates her entire being – be it drawings, animation, installations or poetry. With exceptional persistence, the artist creates works that oppose the patriarchal environment in which they are created. With the strength and authenticity of expression, Alma Gačanin thus shows how art can and should change the society in which it is created."

    This year, the age limit for participation was set at 35 years. This was done with a desire to include a generation of young artists in Bosnia and Herzegovina and thus present (both to our and the international audience) domestic art production of the less established but interesting artists. In terms of genre, and with the selected finalists’ profile, the jury succeeded in capturing the diversity of artistic expression, which is some sort of a pledge to an interesting exhibition that will be set in KRAK later this year.

    As the organizer of the Zvono Award, KRAK is happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with this year's finalists, and to generate a discussion on the position, significance and perception of contemporary art in our environment, through the new eleventh iteration of the Award.


    Alma Gačanin, Yellow Raincoat, 2021