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    The Zvono Award in KRAK

    KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture will take over the organization of the Zvono Award as of 2022. This decision was made in November 2021, by the organizations Trust for Mutual Understanding and Residency Unlimited from New York, after Sarajevo's SKLOP resigned from the position of organizer. This means that the first cycle of the Award Ceremony by KRAK will take place during 2022. 

    The Zvono Award is the most important professional stimulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina intended for young artists, with a two-month artistic stay in New York as its main component. It is a valuable professional reference to former winners and serves as a motivation for dedication to the artistic profession.

    In this way, KRAK joins a wider network of participating organizations called the Young Visual Artists Award from Central and Eastern Europe. The participating countries are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Kosovo, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia. The name of the YVAA award in each of these countries is different and related to one of the characteristics of the local art scene. The initial idea originated in 1990 in Czechoslovakia with the aim of democratization of the cultural context in the country after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

    In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Zvono Award was established in 2006 by the Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art (SCCA) with the purpose of affirming the diversity of artistic expressions and their unhindered democratization in a crisis-stricken country. From 2017 until the takeover by KRAK, the Award was part of the program activities of the Sarajevo’s SKLOP.

    The "arrival" of the Award in Bihać is a curiosity because of its symbolic aspect, namely the connection of the Award with Sarajevo as a scientific, artistic and cultural center in the country. Nevertheless, KRAK, as a space for the affirmation of contemporary culture and various forms of art, recognizes the importance of the process of valorization of artistic production among young artists in the country and wants to be part of this process.

    The award was named after the art group that operated in Sarajevo during the 1980s and, through its avant-garde art practice, created a departure from official and conventional forms of expression.


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