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    The School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo

    The School of Economics and Business of the University of Sarajevo recognized the KRAK Center as an example of different organization in the field of culture and art in our environment and invited it to participate in the international project "Promotion of creative tourism through new experiential and sustainable routes" within transregional Adriatic-Ionian cooperation. The project lasts thirty months (until the summer of 2022) and includes fourteen partners from six countries (Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina) with a budget of 1,838,160.00 euros. The main goals of this project are the preservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of sustainable experiential tourism, as well as the establishment of an adequate balance between innovation and the preservation of the culturally rich Adriatic-Ionian region.

    The staff of the KRAK Center is happy that, at the very beginning of their activities, it managed to draw the attention of one of the best ranked faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina and become a partner within the mentioned project.


    School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo