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    Revizor Scholarship 2022

    Revizor Scholarship for 2022 has been awarded to artist Bojan Stojčić. Through his work over the past few years, Stojčić has established himself as one of the most interesting young artists in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His international exhibition-and-residency exchanges, place him among the most active and productive artists in the country. His artistic sensibility and expressiveness are closely connected to the crisis of the post-socialist and post-war socio-political environment. In his work, Stojčić imposed himself as a commentator on the social reality of an extremely unfavorable historical moment in whose observations and structures humor and irony dominate. Using an individual, subjectivized position, he manages to cover topics of wider significance and suggest a perspective with which social collectivity is identified. His spectrum of interest includes topics such as loss, absence, displacement and transition, and the thought methodologies he uses easily fit into critical vocabulary from a broader artistic context. 

    Dealing with the analysis of the skewed social present of the space within which he operates, Stojčić defines new visual patterns and aesthetic references within which the relations between the positions of the center and the periphery are recognized; subject and object; public and private; self and collectivity. Stojčić certainly manages to offer an appropriate formal subject structure to his ideas and thus harmonize the form with the essence. In this sense, the resulting aesthetics is deeply rooted in the visual references of the mass media and the general visual culture of the place and moment within which it operates. 

    Bojan Stojčić was born in Sarajevo in 1988. He graduated in 2011 and received his master's degree in 2013 from the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Sarajevo. His most recent projects include participation in the Graphic Triennial in Tallinn in 2022 and the Europa Enterprise exhibition at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris in 2021. With the project Soaking Wet, he performed at the Pickle Bar Gallery in Berlin in 2021, led by the group named Slavs and Tatars. The Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a solo exhibition in 2020 called Viva la Transicion, curated by Amila Ramović. He is an associate at the advertising agency Idologija (Sarajevo) and the Centar za kritičko mišljenje (Mostar). He is the visual director of the feminist platform Sve su to vještice and a member of the Association Crvena. Bojan Stojčić's work of arts are in various international private collections, including the Agnès B. Foundation and Deutsche Telekom Digital.


    Bojan Stojčić. Photo: Ajla Salkić, 2020