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    Revizor Scholarship 2021

    It is with great joy that the KRAK Center announces that the Revizor Scholarship for 2021 has been awarded to the artist Adela Jušić. The artist's many years of social commitment, as well as her awareness of the limited cultural and artistic trends in the country at the time of the pandemic, are a pledge of the belief that this year's Revizor Scholarship has fallen into the right hands. In addition to a critical insight into the work of Adela Jušić, the awarding of the scholarship was accompanied by solidarity due to the impossibility of performing regular exhibition activities. The fact that in the last twelve months the state institutions did not have a program to mitigate the damage that affected cultural workers further reinforced such a decision.

    On the other hand, Adela Jušić represents one of the most agile positions on the stage of Bosnian art. Her continuous presence on the local art scene, as well as her representation at art events abroad, indicate her commitment to dealing with difficult topics that address issues of post-war trauma and general crisis in society. The artist persistently initiates and processes the discourse on gender emancipation in a contemporary and historical perspective with an emphasis on Bosnia and Herzegovina. Building artistic aesthetics on the need for social change, Adela Jušić is included in the register of engaged workers in the culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina who have shaped the artistic physiognomy of their environment in the previous decade and continue to do so.

    Adela Jušić was born in 1982 in Sarajevo. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and received Mer master's degree in Democracy and Human Rights in Southeast Europe in Sarajevo and at the University of Bologna in 2013. She has participated in more than a hundred international exhibitions (Videonale, Kunstmuseum – Bonn; Image Counter Image, Haus der Kunst – Munich; Balkan Insight, Pompidou Center – Paris). She has participated in several art residencies (ISCP, New York; Kulturkontakt, Vienna; i.a.a.b., Basel, Museums Quartier, Vienna) and in numerous panels, workshops, round tables and conferences. She won the Young Visual Artist Award for the best artistic position in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2010; Henkel Young Artist Price for Central and Eastern Europe 2011; Special award of the Belgrade October Salon in 2013. Adela Jušić's works are in many private and public collections in the country and abroad. She is one of the founders of the Association for Culture and Arts Crvena from Sarajevo and the author of the online archive of the anti-fascist struggle of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia.


    Adela Jušić; Photo: Jeanne Frank, 2019