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    Revizor Scholarship 2019

    The recipients of Revizor scholarship in 2019 were Larisa Kurtović, anthropologist, Andrew Gilbert, anthropologist and Boris Stapić, graphic designer/illustrator for the project Graphic Ethnography of Worker’s Struggle for "Dita". Although the number of applications and the profile of project proposals indicated a good competition, the commission evaluated the proposals and selected this research projects as the best because it combines research and visual art and, as a socially activistic idea, elaborates current problems of Bosnian-Herzegovinian society. This approach was awarded because, in their previous work, the three authors have gained recognizable professional positions. Their focus is on specific post-socialist and post-industrial phenomena in the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    This research and artistic project transforms the field and ethnographic work into the graphic medium with the intention to produce a bilingual publication (English and Bosnian). At the same time, the publication has political eleemnts because it elaborates the themes and practices of local trade union activists.  Given that in the post-Yugoslav context the "struggle for Dita" had a great impact on similar initiatives in the neighborhood and beyond, while Tuzla with its proactive and rebellious civic movements has changed, in the last several years, the political landscape of the country, Revizor Foundation wants to become a part of this legacy and its values.


    Boris Stapić, Graphic Ethnography of Worker’s Struggle for