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    Revizor Scholarship 2018

    The recipient of Revizor scholarship in the open competition announced in February 2018 is Alisa Burzić for the project Anti-fascist Monuments – Legacy for the Future. The Commission recognized in her work the elements she had already started working on, which bear a strong potential to be continued. Unavoidable importance of this in-situ project is reflected in the elaboration of symbolic and historic aspects of the Garavice Memorial Park in the northern part of the city of Bihać. In the accompanying documentation the candidate succeeded to suggest that hers is a strong motivation and dedication, not only to the above-mentioned project, but also to her other public critical and social engagements. The Commission evaluated Alisa Burzić’s project proposal with the highest appraisal because of some specific characteristics related to acute social and political moment. The project involves the process of generating public discourse through a publication and a series of workshops, aimed at creating social as well as political reality through informal atavistic initiatives carried out by experts in the fields of anthropology, architecture, and urban planning.

    This project includes the presentation of the experience of mostar seen through the publication entitled The Hurqualya of Mostar: (Un)Forgotten City, and comparisons between Bihać and Mostar and the social role of anti-Fascist monuments as public spaces and places of commemoration in the context of changeable social and political conditions. The issues of maintenance of those monuments today, their devastation, as well as general issues of the state of anti-Fascist heritage in these to communities, are the leitmotifs of the project.


    Garavice Memorial Park in Bihać