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    Remember Bihać. Competition

    Tourist Organization of the City of Bihac and the Center for Contemporary Culture KRAK are announcing the first competition "Remember Bihac" for the application of souvenir solutions which, if they meet the propositions and criteria, will be a part of the new original souvenirs of the City of Bihac. The competition was initiated by the need to better understand the nature of memories as intangible and material experiences with which tourists return from the journey, the process of giving as an expected part of returning home with the proof of departure, visit, memory, gratitude and return, but also by the relations between tourists or all those who in some way have a connection with the city of Bihać and with the city itself as a destination of coexistence of its citizens, nature and endless love for the river Una, and the historical heritage that further enriches it. The competition is public, and all legal and natural persons have the right to participate. 

    Preference is given to souvenirs that in different ways present and interpret the river Una, the atmosphere of the city, its cultural and historical values, tourist spots, and natural beauties that further promote the environment of Bihac, invite to visit and inspire many. Preference is also given to practicality, symbolism and creative solutions that will be inspired by the relationship between a man and nature, and all those who use ecological materials, materials characteristic of the Bihac area, and whose messages and meanings can be associated with the mentioned reflections of tradition, values and characteristics of the city, but also with the attractive colors and design that highlights them. 

    Submitted works can be in one of the following forms: handicrafts, art sculptures, designer items, decorative items made of ceramics, wood or textile, clothing, woven items, postcards, badges, pendants, magnets, replicas of well-known buildings and authentic natural places, arts and crafts, calendars, bottles, and other items or works that include new technologies-multimedia. 

    The intention is to get two winning souvenirs in two different categories. The first souvenir in CATEGORY ONE whose price in production would be up to 15 KM, and the second souvenir in CATEGORY TWO whose price in production would be from 15 KM to 100 KM. If the expert jury for the selection of souvenirs determines the value, satisfactory propositions and criteria, a decision will be made on the awarding of cash prizes. Two cash prizes are awarded for the first place in two different categories in the amount of 2000 KM each.

    The author / producer can submit a maximum of 3 works for the competition. Each of the works needs to be submitted separately, as explained in text of the competition which can be found at the bottom of the text, together with the application form. 

    Applications should be submitted in an envelope, or in a box which contains two envelopes/boxes with the same identification code as the first (main). In the first envelope / box, a copy of the conceptual design should be submitted, and in the second, information about the author, a completed application form with the indicated category and a statement that the attached work is the work of the author with his own signature. Legal entities submit the name and a certified copy of the decision on registration.

    Timely received applications will be evaluated by an expert jury consisting of people from the field of tourism, art, design, architecture. If the jury decides that none of the submitted works meets the criteria, it reserves the right not to choose any applications. Members of the expert jury and their close relatives cannot be participants.

    After the payment of awards to authors, copyright works and production rights are transferred to the Tourist Organization of the City of Bihać. If the authors can produce the awarded souvenir, there is a possibility of concluding a contract for the production of souvenirs in accordance with the law. Anyone interested in making souvenirs is invited to send and offer their suggestions and hence contribute to the creation of a symbol of Bihac and everything that this city has to offer.

    The works are to be submitted either in person to the protocol of the Tourist Organization of the City of Bihać or by mail in a sealed envelope or box marked “JAVNI KONKURS: Zapamti Bihac – izrada originalnog suvenira Grada Bihaca” (English: PUBLIC COMPETITION: Remember Bihac - Making an Original Souvenir of the City of Bihać) no later than September 10, 2021 until 12 o'clock, to the following address:

    Turistička zajednica Grada Bihaca

    Bosanska br. 1

    77000 Bihać

    The competition is open from June 14, 2021 to September 10, 2021. By participating in this competition, all participants accept its terms. The time and place of the announcement of the winner will be given later.

    All interested candidates can get additional information in the offices of the Tourist Organization of the City of Bihac, as well as via e-mail: tzbihac@gmail.com and hello@krak.ba.

    In order to better understand the competition, we recommend reading the entire text, which can be found at the bottom of the text along with the application form.


    1. Text of the competition

    2. Application form for the competition


    Mimi Cortazar, 2021