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    Public Discussion: Everyone Wants a View

    KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture (Hamze Hume Street, Bihać)
    Saturday, November 19, 2022, at 7 pm
    Irfan Hošić in conversation with Alban Muja, Jonathan Blackwood and Sabina Šabić  

    Public discussion Everyone Wants a View is an opportunity to bring attention to at least two important issues by using Bihać as an example – the shaping of public space on the one hand and the issue of collective environmental awareness on the other. The starting point for the conversation will be the same-name sculpture by the artist Alban Muja, which after several months of planning was placed on the roof of Kombiteks skyscraper in the Hatinac neighborhood of Bihać. By placing it in a dominant location within the city view and stepping into the public space, Muja's sculpture actually strikes the individuals who privatize the river bank and shape it according to their narrow-minded views. Therefore, this intervention is a distinct criticism addressed not only to those with extremely exclusive access to the river banks, but also a direct reminder to the authorities that they are obliged to protect the common good and natural wealth by all means to the satisfaction of all citizens.

    In addition to Alban Muja as the author of the art intervention, the discussion will also see the participation of art historian Jonathan Blackwood, expert on cultural and artistic situations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Sabina Šabić, activist in the field of the protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina's rivers. This is an opportunity to raise awareness of the endangerment of water assets in the environment, but also to mark a promotion – placing an art object in the city area.

    This project is being implemented by KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture. The curator is Irfan Hošić, project partners are the City Administration of the City of Bihać and the Government of Una-Sana Canton. The implementation of the project is supported by the Open Society Foundation Bosnia and Herzegovina. Administrative support during the implementation of the project is provided by the Institute for Spatial Planning Bihać, the Tourist Board of the City of Bihać and the Local Community Hatinac. The public discussion is supported by the British Council.


    Design: Adnan Suljkanović, 2022