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    Program 2021

    Thanks to the support of the Open Society Fund of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), the Foundation for Art Initiatives (New York) and the Danish Arts Foundation (Copenhagen), the Center for Contemporary Culture KRAK has the opportunity to design a program of activities for 2021. The program includes visual arts, contemporary dance, documentary and educational content with a focus on space design issues, i.e. architecture, urbanism and design. The 2021 program deals with certain social phenomena that have not been sufficiently represented in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina so far, or their urgency requires additional and continuous dialogue. 

    As the first official annual program of KRAK, thinking and defining its content was accompanied by excitement and euphoria, and due to the volume of support involved (Sarajevo, New York, Copenhagen), it is considered ambitious and demanding. 

    Our desire is to set up three exhibitions during 2021. In early summer, a research exhibition on the working culture of the textile factory Kombiteks will be set up, which represents a kind of retrospect of the conceptual identity of the KRAK Center. During the summer, the first solo exhibition of Selma Selman in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be organized, with the aim of valorizing her work so far and the desire to demarcate new spaces intended for culture in Bihać and beyond. In the autumn, we will present Danish artists of Bosnian-Herzegovinian origin, who are not known at all due to poor domestic cultural management, and whose work speaks of intercultural experiences, issues of affiliation and dislocation. 

    Additionally, in cooperation with the Association of Architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina and several universities in the country, during the spring the intention is to initiate and report on a creative research workshop on spatial and urban aspects of the Bihać neighborhood Hatinac with the critical question "who owns the public space?". Also in the spring, in cooperation with the participants of the local scene, the plan is to organize the first symposium of contemporary dance and thus open a gallery program dedicated to dance and performance. 

    Apart from documenting and cataloging all events through separate publications, the desire is to create a unique local magazine with a thematic focus on artists, practitioners and artisans. 

    Within the mentioned activities, the goal is to design and activate new protocols of organization and collaboration and to think about education, i.e. interacting with the audience through side events such as public talks, symposiums, online and digital content.


    KRAK Center exhibition venue, 2021