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    KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture (Hamze Hume bb, Bihać)
    Concert: Friday, 19 July 2024 at 20:30

    The Pretpostavka is a musical duo deeply rooted in the local milieu of Bihać. It consists of artists Amir Husak and Haris Rekanović, driven by the quest to channel individual expressions through sound and fuse diverse experiences into a singular narrative. Their mutual interest stems from a profound analysis of sound and music, steering away from conventional rhythmic and melodic structures to explore new dimensions of sonic experience. The sonic expressiveness of Pretpostavka alludes to and confirms that there is no single correct way to approach musical creativity; rather, it embodies a universal attitude in which reflection, understanding, dialogue, and sociability play equally significant roles.

    Employing methodologies that delve into specific locales, their histories, waterways, topography, social fabric, and broader cultural context, Pretpostavka intentionally sidesteps genre constraints. It incorporates local sonic motifs, acoustic instruments often imbued with imperfections, and vocals – all seamlessly processed through digital means like sampling, modulation, and repetition. For instance, echoes from an abandoned Austro-Hungarian reservoir, the whisper of a river, or the bustling city hum all contribute significantly to shaping their musical tapestry.

    The culmination of their collaboration is encapsulated in the album Bez naslova (Interentity, 2018), a product of their creative journey spanning from November 2015 to June 2016, recorded at Haris Rekanović's studio in Brklja, Bihać. Throughout this period, they engaged in listening sessions and jamming, excavating their shared sonic heritage. Ultimately, Pretpostavka emerges as a synthesis of two kindred yet distinct sensibilities – one diasporic, the other rooted in the local ethos, together weaving a rich tapestry of soundscapes, histories, technologies, and musical influences. Amir Husak's uses body microphones, vocals, guitar, children's piano, accordion, and digital processors, while Haris Rekanović uses Korg Monotron, vocals, children's piano, and a gramophone.

    The Pretpostavka's performance at the KRAK center was made possible with the generous support of the Robert Bosch Foundation.


    Haris Rekanović and Amir Husak, 2018