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    Onaj Dječak

    KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture (Hamze Hume Street, Bihać) 
    Concert: Saturday, July 2, 2022, at 8:30 pm 

    Onaj Dječak (English: That boy / Edin Džambić) is certainly an exceptional, intriguing and unusual phenomenon on the domestic and regional music scene. He is known for his inexhaustible creativity which turns every thought into songs, and these songs are a deconstruction of everything that is known, stylistically unburdened and value-free post-rock music with traces of his own history and experience of a child of the post-war Balkans. Onaj Dječak's music includes sarcasm, gloomy in-your-face comments on social and political events, witty jokes painted with very specific Bosnian humor, but also intimate musical recordings.

    Edin Džambić was born in Tuzla and has been living in Zagreb since 2014. He started his music career in 2009 in Brčko, under the stage name Dječak iz vode (English: The boy from the water). This stage name originated as a memory of Džambić's childhood – he grew up on Modračko Lake and on the banks of the Spreča River, and ideas for his first songs come from this period. He released nine albums under this stage name, including Srce, muda and Pez bombone in 2011 (English: Heart, Balls and Pez Candies) and Pamučni svijet in 2012 (English: Cotton World). However, the media and music critics all too often associated his work with Milan Mladenović and the band EKV, although Džambić never drew inspiration from rock music and culture, so eventually, in 2017, he decided to change the name to Onaj Dječak. Under this stage name he released the albums Začarano selo (English: Enchanted Village) and Halal Kahlo in 2019, as well as Često metafora in 2020 (English: Often a Metaphor).

    He has no managers or PR experts – he builds his career through online platforms available to his wider audience, and his wife, Ljubica Andjelković Džambić, also helps him professionally. In his creative process, Džambić is not a slave to the established musical forms – there are songs in his repertoire which last only 2-3 minutes, but there are also songs that last 10 minutes. In his songs he tells stories, some lasting longer and some shorter. The chorus is more a coincidence than a rule, and he understands language very freely, so when there is no word which covers the desired meaning, he creates it himself.

    Throughout his long career, Džambić has released over three hundred songs. He does not consider himself an activist, but through his music he tries to bring attention to the problems he notices around him, and writes and sings about wars and the political and historical context that reflects on the quality of life. For him, music is a channel through which he contemplates the world around him and the system in which he lives, and a means through which he expresses his views on the world. He is aware that he has no real power or ability to change everything that is wrong in the world, but hopes that his songs and lyrics will encourage other people to think and to take joint action that will lead to changes in society.


    Onaj Dječak, 2019