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    Mirsad Fajkovic Febbo & Igor Reljić. Hybrid Mantra

    Center for Contemporary Culture KRAK (Hamze Hume Street, Bihać) 

    Music performance: Friday, December 24, 2021 at 7 pm

    Music performance by Mirsad Fajković Febbo and Igor Reljić Hybrid Mantra is the result of their years-long creative collaboration in which spiritual maturation takes the central place. Spirituality and its technology are the backbone of the performance, which in turn is based on research within quiet and loud environments. From the perspective of a conventional understanding of music, it is a sound experiment based on conversations about spirituality, from which it flows into a sound composition united by overlapping simple sound matrices and various interventions. The authors like to say that "these experiences are related to spirituality and conversations that have turned into sound."

    Using digital matrices, various samples, voice and other unconventional instruments and objects that produce sound, combinations are created which test an expanded platform of vibration and frequency capabilities. Of course, in the context of spirituality, sound has an almost healing role and as such, its harmonization affects the "frequency" of internal organs and the entire mental system. Hybrid Mantra project also tests distinctiveness of the range between musical and non-musical sound, where artists flirt very consciously and with error as one of the backbones of expressive language. The performance itself, whether private or public, is based on experience and could possibly serve as a metaphor for the practice of entering and leaving a certain space. This type of sound production uses music and music-making strategies but in practice does not belong to the listenable mainstream music. Therefore, Hybrid Mantra is an introverted act of making music, and its presentation to the public is an act of creative subversion.

    The performance at KRAK has been expanded with a moving digital image which serves as a catalyst for the authors' creative sensibility. The video projections, as a "window to the world", open the view to very familiar things, giving them a sublime character. The combination of image and sound wants to introduce the audience to a unique space of sensory experience and transform KRAK into a place of closeness and connection. This is their first public joint performance and introduction to the local audience.


    Igor Reljić and Mirsad Fajković Febbo [Mehmed Mahmutović]