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    Jasna Jovićević & David Sič

    KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture (Hamze Hume bb, Bihać)
    Concert: Saturday, September 28 2024, at 4 pm 

    Concert of Vojvodina musicians Jasna Jovićević (hang, flute, bass clarinet) and David Sič (double bass) in Zavaljska draga forest on the Plješevica mountain near Bihać is a performance that aims to raise awareness on nature, the environment and the continuous threat caused by man. The organic sonority of their duet, intertwined with light transitions and soft rhythms, will serve as a meditative link and immersion in nature and its almost motherly gentleness. Improvising on the spot, the duo will allow the natural circumstances to merge through musical images into a unique and inspiring experience on Plješevica in an untouched environment.

    Jasna Jovićević and David Sič collaborate in different formations as musicians and composers. Jovićević primarily plays jazz and contemporary music, while Sič is engaged in classical music. What they have in common is a spirit liberated from the framework, striving for free improvisation. They find a collaborator in nature, while the forest serves as their stage. Such an environment creates extraordinary opportunities for mystical interaction and spiritual participation. Nature encourages the union of the external and the internal into one unity. 

    Conceptually, the author duo is aware of the relationship of vibrational fields permeated by the atmosphere which lead to inner peace and a distinct therapeutic effect of satisfaction and well-being. At the concert in Zavaljska draga, the audience will have the opportunity to listen to some existing compositions and impressions that will arise through the joint creation of a moment between the audience and the musical duo.

    Jasna Jovićević is a saxophonist, composer and art researcher. The art projects she develops represent a continuous interaction between artistic activity and scientific reflection. She is the winner of numerous awards. As a composer, soloist or as part of an orchestra, she has performed at prominent festivals throughout Europe and America. She is the author of six original music albums on labels such as FMR Records and The State51 Conspiracy Records. She collaborated with artists such as Hamid Drake, Elisabeth Harnik, Annette Giesriegl, Cene Resnik.

    David Sič graduated from the Music Academy in Novi Sad at the Department of double bass. He is currently a lecturer at the Subotica Music School at the Department of Classical and Jazz Music. He plays in the Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra, Contrabayando, Blue, Sin Seekas, and other musical formations.

    The performance of Jasna Jovićević and David Sič in Zavaljska draga is a part of the one-day cleaning of that part of the forest, which is taking place in cooperation with the organization Zelene stope. The event is supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation.


    Jasna Jovićević & David Sič. Photo: Edvard Molnar, 2023