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    Hatinac. Behind the Structures / exhibition

    Centre for Contemporary Culture KRAK (Hamze Hume bb)

    July 24th 2021 – August 20th 2021

    Exhibition opening: Saturday, July 24th 2021, 7 pm

    Partner: Association of Architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Exhibition Hatinac. Behind the Structures is the result of months of research and analysis of Hatinac in its historical, social and cultural aspects, and was created with the goal of visualizing the research results of the process of detecting collaboration of various actors such as students, teachers, independent practitioners, city government, neighborhood and others. The exhibition affirms the position of multidisciplinarity that arises from the search for a project task within which weaknesses, threats and challenges in the field of architecture, spatial relations and design are detected. The desire is to define an alternative methodology and different protocols that would be materialized in different media – photography, video, design, object, sculpture, documentary, scenography, social interaction. In addition to the works of students and teachers of the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo, the Department of Architecture of the International Burch University in Sarajevo, the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Banja Luka, the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and the Department of Textile Technology of Technical Faculty in Bihać, this exhibition presents the works of the following architects: Ena Kukić, Dinko Jelečević, Narcisa Gaković Bašić, Miron and Ahmed Ibrahimpašić. The exhibition also includes the works of videographer Sead Okić, photographer Mehmed Mahmutović and designer Adnan Suljkanović.

    Ultimately, with this exhibition we want to point out the research processes aimed at articulating new concepts of social inclusion. At the same time, local urban geography serves as a thematic framework for staging a new sustainable future. As a guide to the research of local dynamics of the neighborhood of Hatinac, some of the key issues were extracted – Is it even possible to revive old and neglected spatial points? How to bring life back to abandoned buildings of the industrial past? To what extent is it possible to articulate completely new spatial values and what is the role of architects, urban planners, designers, artists and the local population? Can social practice and the political formation of solidarity animate and encourage new forms of thinking and acting in the local community?

    The ideological base from which it is possible to observe the functional and utopian vision of the transformation of the Hatinac neighborhood is the same-name symposium from March 2021, but also other discursive contents such as Kombiteks 1982: Transition and reinterpretation of memory (2016), art exhibition Artefacts of the Future Past (2017) in the former Kombiteks Workers' Club (now KRAK) and the scientific symposium Industrial Heritage in the area of Bihać between reality and vision (2017) in the closed spinning mill of Kombiteks. The fact that it is a neighborhood only a few minutes away from the city center, and its recreational potential due to the flow of the Una River with several striking beaches, raises questions about the new spatial dynamics of that part of the city.

    The exhibition is funded by The Headley Trust from London, the Cultural Heritage without Borders Foundation from Sarajevo and the City of Bihać.


    Hatinca map