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    Clamp. Carbon

    KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture (Hamze Hume Street, Bihać)
    Concert: Friday, June 3, 2022, at 8 pm 

    The concert of the Italian band Clamp at KRAK Center represents a continuation of the affirmation of independent music production and the desire to present international authors. Clamp is a music collective dedicated to musical improvisation and timeless ambient feeling. Their approach is based on an unstable and changing flow of performance and, genre-wise, the sound is a mixture of free jazz and experimental electronics with the use of an expanded array of sound interventions such as unconventional instruments, matrices and samples. Stylistically, Clamp nurtures diversity and sensitivity, operating with atmospheric dream-like themes between their first EP Headland (2019) and the concept album Sconfinamenti (2020). 

    Clamp’s recent Carbon project, created in collaboration with Simone Colosimo [aka This Gratia], includes a robust introduction to edited material with a wide diversity of variations on Clamp’s approach. Otherwise dedicated to the practice of controlled improvisation, the texture of the Carbon project is a mosaic which focuses on intuitive changes in improvisational material. The result is both meditative and lyrical with emerging melodic attacks of a thin layer of synthesizers and matrices.

    Clamp was founded in 2018 in Vicenza and consists of Giulio Tisato (tape loops, drum machine), Marco Spagnolo (sax), Piero Pederzolli (prepared drums, percussions). The concert at KRAK was made possible thanks to the support of the nomadic organization No Name Kitchen and the Foundation for Arts Initiatives from New York.


    Clamp, 2021